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Plantation Drive at SmritiVan, Warje

Pune, 16th July 2022


TERRE Policy Centre organized tree plantation drive in collaboration with TATA Motors LTD at SmritiVan, Warje. The afforestation intervention aims to increase green cover, mitigate the soil and decrease land degradation due to soil erosion. Dr. Vinita Apte (Founder Director of TERRE Policy Centre) addressed the importance of plantation as well as its maintenance. Ms. Anuradah Das, Head HR, ERC TATA Motors LTD and Mr. Rohit Saroj, Deputy General Manager, CSR & Affirmative Action, TATA Motors LTD attended the event. 60 volunteers from TATA Motors actively volunteered in the plantation drive and planted species like Arjuna, Neem, Mohogany, Karanj, Pimpal, Jamun, Kanchana, Tamhan, Wad and Shishu.

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