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Success story of'Million Tree Plantation Programme

TERRE is glad to announce the completion of 'Million Tree Plantation Programme' in Dolvi and Karav site by accomplishing the target of 26,555 trees plantation on 31st July 2018. This major milestone has been achieved in collaboration with JSW Steel Ltd, Dolvi.

Though it was a challenging process to work in a difficult terrain, TERRE has marked this remarkable success before the estimated timeline. It has been a successful Tri-party agreement between TERRE Policy Centre, JSW Dolvi and Maharashtra Forest Department, but a lot of credit goes to the real heroes, i.e. 'Local communities'. Their hard work has no doubt been the most important pillar for this success, as due to high mountain ranges, carrying the plants of 10 to 15 feet height with bag size of 18*18 was a strenuous task. Needless to mention, with an average rainfall of 2345mm, the working conditions was becoming unfavourable every day.

TERRE has planted 22,220 plants in Dolvi and 4335 in Karav site near Alibag, which includes 25 different indigenous species.

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