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आपण 'शेखचिल्ली' होणार का?

पश्चिम घाटातील सुमारे ५६ हजार चौरस किलोमीटरचा प्रदेश संवेदनशील म्हणून जाहीर करण्यात आला आहे. डॉ. माधव गाडगीळ यांच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली पश्चिम घाट समितीने दिलेल्या अहवालाला... [read...]

Ecocide: A crime against the environment under international law
Ecocide: A crime against the environment under international law?

According to Parsons, an effective enforcement chain requires three... [read...]

Right to Green Cost
Right to ‘Green Cost’ can Ensue Common’s Participation in Sustainable Development

There has been a perceptible transformation in regard to global environmental discourse...[read...]



Vickrant Argade, Secretary

Vikrant Argade


Vickrant is an M.A. with diploma’s in animation and film making, multimedia, print media and advertising. He has fourteen years of experience in design, producing creative materials in multiple formats for mass media, advertising, information technology and entertainment industries. He is also the Creative Director at 24 Media Fusion Pvt Ltd.

He has video documented the United Nation Environment Programme in 2009. In 2010, he was at Bali in Indonesia covering the Basel Convention for the Simultaneous Extraordinary Meetings to The Basel, Stockholm & Rotterdam Conventions. In 2011, he was assigned the task of documenting the Cairo Chapter in Egypt. That same year, he was also documenting International seminar & conference for Centro Studio Galileo & Terre.