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Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
TERRE Policy Centre conducted a workshop on environmental awareness among children through entertainment at Kalaghoda Festival.


Photo Gallery

Asia Media Summit 2011

Asia Media Summit 2011 opened to day morning in Hanoi, Vietnam. Organised by Asia - Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development ( AIBD ) and Hosted by the Voice of Vietnam ( VOV ). The theme of the Summit is "Digital Media Everywhere : Repositioning Broadcasting"

It was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam HE Nguyễn Tấn Dũng.

UN SG sent a message : "Asia is frontier of digital technology and new media. Many civil society organizations in Asia use social media to spread UN values of democracy, human rights, peace and development. They are helping us to fight the poverty and achieve the MDGs."

The summit is being attended by 600 participants representing broadcasting and media experts from Asia - Pacific, West Asia, Europe, Africa, North America.

Mr. Rajendra Shende, Head OzonAction delivered a speech in opening session on "Power of Social Media Network to protect and sustain the Natural Capital". He stated that "Ozone Layer and earth's climate system are the Earth's natural assets which need to be preserved the way we preserve the Freedom and Democracy. OzonAction Of UNEP is taking advantage of the exploding social media to accelerate the remaining job under the Montreal Protocol, which stand to benefit the global community not only in protecting the ozone layer but also reducing the climate change. UNEP, who has prepared the Social media strategy to reposition "the Ozone2Climate" in the social media networks.This would help in further enhancing the success already achieved under the Montreal Protocol. Leveraging Web 2.0 platforms coincides with the accelerating the phase out of HCFCs under the Montreal Protocol 2.0 . In fact it is Transformation 2.0 that has arrived. Social media's spread and speed can make the poverty reduction and sustainable development a reality. Climate Change will no longer be the reserved subject to be negotiated by elites and diplomats, but it would go down deep in the individuals to empower them to act." Full speech will be available soon.

Rajendra Shende, Head
United Nations Environment Programme
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
15, rue de Milan, 75441 Paris CEDEX 09, France
Tel: 33-1-44371459, Fax: 33-1-44371474
E-mail: rajendra.shende@unep.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rajendrashende
Website: www.unep.org/ozonaction
B2B: www.halontrader.org
GreenCustoms: www.greencustoms.org