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Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
TERRE Policy Centre conducted a workshop on environmental awareness among children through entertainment at Kalaghoda Festival.


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Charity Begins at Home and Energy Efficiency begins at Campus

Satara/Pune, 30 May /1 June 2013 : College campuses are the crucibles to mold precious metals called 'youth'. Injecting the best practices of making the campuses energy efficient is like adding the value to the molding and learning process.

TERRE Policy Centre forged the partnership between Scholars from Princeton University –USA and the campuses at Pune and Satara in India to promote such best practices.

A group of seven scholars from Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars interacted in one day seminar each at College of Engineering Pune (COEP), one of the top twenty engineering colleges in India and at Yashwantrao Chavan Institute of Science (YCIS) Satara, an emerging center of research and learning in rural India.

COEP held this interactive event as the first activity of their its smart grid project for the campus, supported by the World Bank and decided to continue the interaction with Princeton in coming years to reduce the consumption of its electricity with phased targets.

YCIS presented its plans to reduce its electricity consumption in fifty high schools in rural Maharashtra along with its own campus in Satara. It also agreed to hold annual interactions in Satara and Princeton.

The discussion included the exchange experiences in efforts to make campuses energy efficient and sustainable. The Princeton Scholars and Researchers and faculty from COEP and YCIS presented on this occasion the cutting edge research papers on energy, climate change and environmental issues.

In his video message, Robert H. Socolow, Professor, Princeton University and Director, Climate and Energy Challenge, Princeton Environmental Institute stated that the partnership between Indian campuses and Princeton is win-win opportunity and that he has great faith in the potential of young Indian students who could make difference in facing a challenge of energy and climate

“Colleges are 'learning' as well as 'earning' centers. Learning comes by doing and earning comesby saving the electricity and by skill building so that the young students could be gainfully employed to make energy efficient India" said Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE and former Director, UNEP.

The event was recognized by Energy Efficient Services Ltd, a joint venture of Ministry of Power of India as significant initiative. Prof A. Sahasrabudhe, Director COEP and Dr. A Burungule, Secretary and Principal of YCIS thanked TERRE and Princeton University for the facilitation of partnership and resolved to continue the efforts to make their campuses more energy efficient.

Contact : Vinita Apte, President TERRE, aptevh@gmail.com

30 May - Conference in YCIS, Satara

Welcome of Princeton Student's by YCIS professors

Launching of the Conference

Annette Trierweiler, PhD Student of Princeton University (USA)

Exchange of researches and experience with Satara's Students and Professor

Dan Li, PhD Student from Princeton University (USA)

Minghui Diao, PhD Student of Princeton University (USA)

Hang Deng, PhD Student from Princeton University (USA)

1st June - Conference in COEP, Pune

Exchange with the audience

Prof. B. N. Chaudhari, COEP

Carole Dalin, PhD Student of Princeton University (USA) and leader of their group to come in India

Tristen Hohman, PhD Student of Princeton University (USA)

Zhong Zheng, PhD Student of Princeton University (USA)

Exchanges of researches and shares of experiences