TERRE for Carbon Sink

Afforestation which covers major stake of TERRE activities and comes under TERRE’s flagship project. In this we aim to restore and conserve the biodiversity by tree plantation with 12-15 feet height and conserving the area till making it self-sustain. To make the tree self-sustain regular monitoring and caring of site is a needful job and for that involvement of locals and public can be such a helpful and social input towards conserving and protecting our mother earth. And to maintain the regular involvement of people for this cause, TERRE use to organise such volunteering activities and event which covers, tree plantation, cleaning, watering, Grass cutting, waste collection, tree census and auditing on the afforestation sites. These kind of activities and events mostly involves local community, volunteers from different sectors like school, colleges, private companies having CSR and others as per the interest.

Awards for An Initiative towards creating an Innovative model for Community led Conservation and Sustainable Management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. In this way there are numbers of awards are organised by TERRE in terms of project and events individually or in partnership. This event aims to encourage people towards the conservation of our nature and chasing sustainable future and SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). For the initiative causing nature conservation TERRE also honoured by prestigious acknowledgment to enrich our efforts towards nature conservation.

Awards for Excellence

TERRE for Education Through Awareness

As per todays requirement environment is a very concern issue and our generation needs to be aware about environment for the future survival. Education is a proper way to convey the importants and need of sustainable environment. Hence, TERRE initiated the TERRE Environment Education Programs for all age group people with the theme of Education through Entertainment. These education programs are use to conducted timely in different ways at different platforms. This initiative aims to spread the awareness regarding environment conservation to achieve the sustainable future.

As being an environmental based organisation there are monthly event used to organised by us to achieve the objectives of TERRE. These events mostly focus on the sustainable outcomes. Annual environmental days are celebrated by TERRE to spread the awareness amongst public regarding the importants of that day which aims contribute in the theme on a global level to save the Earth.

TERRE Monthly Events & Celebrations

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