Aishwarya has completed her Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Pune University. Followed by, she worked as a structural designer in Satish Marathe Consulting Engineers (SMCE) in Pune. After securing partial scholarship, she completed her Masters in Environmental Engineering from the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom and extensively studied about various topics such as soil remediation, water and waste water engineering and also air pollution. She also investigated satellite datasets to study Delhi’s air pollution for her dissertation. Additionally, she has worked as a research assistant in the Newcastle University for three months where she analysed indoor air pollution in Turkey’s pre-historic structure. Her research paper based on this analysis will be published soon. She recently joined TERRE policy centre as a trainee in February 2021. She is working on her forthcoming seminar of Third Country Workshop organized for the Iranian participants to address them about the air pollution in both countries and the measures through which it can be tackled. Apart from this seminar, she is also helping to create environmental awareness through digital platforms. She also helped for the initial application selection for Dr Abdul Kalam Fellowship 2021.

Apart from her academic and professional skills, she is trained Bharatnatyam dancer, a doodle artist, a budding digital illustrator. She also loves to travel to different places to learn more about their food, culture and nature.

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