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Environmental Education Training Program at Nutan Marathi Vidyalay, Pune

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In association with TATA Motors, an Environmental Education Training Program had organized by TERRE at Nutan Marathi Vidyalay, Pune on 4th August 2016.

The main objective of this training program was to Train, Aware and Educate students regarding Environmental Issues. This training had initiated with screening of ‘Vasundhara Geet’ created by TERRE. Students enjoyed watching the video. Then TERRE team had an interactive session related to current environmental situations with the help of Audio Visual. For children’s entertainment, TERRE have prepared games like Snake and Ladder, Playing cards, Crosswords etc.

Education through entertainment is the main motive of these games. Later these games were introduced to the students by TERRE. The program was followed by a discussion on ‘Life Cycle Assessment of Plastic Bottles’ by screening of videos regarding the same. The entire program was concluded by distributing Environmental Education Training Material amongst the students. The training program had conducted successfully and TERRE received very enthusiastic response.

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