Completed Projects


TERRE's Initiative to Conserve and Protect Dillai River at Karbianglong District, Assam

TERRE Policy Centre has successfully initiated community-based biodiversity conservation work with the local community at Karbianglong district of the Assam. TERRE is implementing the signboard and instruction boards at a waterfall on Dillai River. Local communities involved are Karbi, Kuki, Nepali and Adivasi of the area. Dillai River is a single source of the water supply for the local communities in the river basin. Mr.JoyhindEngleng, Project Coordinator TERRE established DillaiAlanksun Development Committee for the conservation of the water source. The sign and instruction board will be useful to avoid water pollution of the river from the tourist. Signboard regarding precautions and plastic prohibited area will be useful to restrict the entry of waste pollutant material in the water body. This movement is initiated with local youth and farmers from the catchment area. The signboard will be helpful to the local community for awareness health and safety and the regular updates on waterfall area.

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