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TERRE Olympiad 2022-23, Awards Ceremony
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NewsleTERRE, Issue 05
May 2023

Policy Papers

Latest report on the Kaas Plateau

TERRE Policy Centre has released latest report on the Kaas Plateau giving recommendations on keeping high momentum of progress, particularly on the local participation

TERRE Policy Centre

Art of Living : FengShui Way

On the 16th of October, 2015 TERRE Policy Centre along with the Forest Department Satara division organised a Community dialogue at Kaas Village.

Authored by Master Véronique Lours and Céline Speranza

Municipal Solid Waste Management Challenges in Transforming Waste into Potential Resource for the Sustainable Society

Human Development Index should have Solid Waste Management as one of the critical criteria' says TERRE Policy centre and Sampurn(e)arth in the Policy Paper released today on the eve of the United Nations Climate Summit in New York.


Mobilise co-financing ozone protection and climate change

Past actions during last 20 years under the Montreal Protocol had dramatically protected climate by leading to reduced atmospheric amounts of ozone-depleting substances, compounds which are also greenhouse gases that warm climate.


OzonAction Social Media Strategy

“To use social media tools to empower and engage the global ozone community to enable developing countries to meet and sustain the compliance objectives of the Montreal Protocol.” UNEP OzonAction social media vision statement


Mobile Air Conditioning and Room Air Conditioning Strategy to Reduce Climate Forcing from Hydrofluorocarbons

The authors of this strategy, are grateful for the peer review comments by Elvis Hoffpauir (President of MACS Worldwide); to Carloandrea Malvicino (Manager, Fuel Economy & Vehicle Systems Efficiency, Centro Ricerche Fiat); and their colleagues.

by Stephen O. Andersen, Durwood Zaelke, Danielle Fest Grabiel

UNEP Media Strategy

UNEP OzonAction Communication Strategy for the Global Compliance with the Montreal Protocol was approved in 2002. It emphasises for concerted efforts to engage the media at all levels in enhancing awareness about ozone depletion and the Montreal Protocol, especially during this compliance phase.


Environment is victim in Armed Conflicts

However, peace law comprises international environmental norms, which are the only set of rules able to protect the environment directly or indirectly.

by Charlotte Collin, Environmental Law

Ecocide: A crime against the environment under international law?

In our last TERRE policy paper entitled “Environment is Victim in Armed conflicts” 1 we argued that a body of rules, designed to protect the environment, and whose applicability extends to armed conflicts, already exists.

by Charlotte Collin, Researcher: Environmental Law

Right to ‘Green Cost’ can Ensue Common’s Participation in Sustainable Development

There has been a perceptible transformation in regard to global environmental discourse and in how developing countries have been responding to the discourse. Apparently, the dynamics of both are correlated.

by Dr. Dipayan Dey, Chair-SAFE

Corporate Social Responsibility and Creative Government in India

India’s 2011 Companies Bill has just been passed. It heralds a new era in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not just in India but internationally.

by Simon Hodgkinson

Exploration and Exploitation of the Seabed: a Drop in the Ocean?

8 June is designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day”. The oceans are essential to food security and the health and survival of all life, they power our climate and are a critical part of the biosphere.

by Marie Bertrand, Sorbonne University, Paris

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