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Botanical Garden

On 28th November 2020, TERRE Policy Centre has started its new initiative of "Botanical Garden" next to Mulshi Dam (In Mulshi Tehsil) and completed within a month. The aim of implementing Botanical garden is to develop natural dense forest spread on private land with more than 100 native plant species of Western Ghats.

Implementation of TERRE's Botanical Garden has been initiated by the TERRE team at Maale village in Mulshi Tehsil. The planned Botanical Garden Covered under total 30,000 sq. ft. of the area which have patch of more than 100 native plant species from western Ghats of Maharashtra.

TERRE's aim to a built man-made natural hotspot for the students & youth to get aware regarding the various native plant species of Western Ghats which will help to nurture their ease to understand the natural environment.

Wild plant diversity is currently being lost at an unprecedented rate, resulting in an associated decrease in ecosystem services. Extinction of plant species due to the variety of devastating activities such as, including, over-harvesting, overexploitation, destructive agricultural & forestry practices, urbanization, environmental pollution, land-use changes, exotic invasive species, and global climate change is the major threats to the environment. It is essential to increase our efforts to develop integrative conservation approaches for plant species conservation. TERRE's Botanical gardens will devote for the natural species Conservation and creating a bank of natural resources for purpose of the study by keeping various species of Indigenous plant under a single natural premises "TERRE's Botanical Garden". This garden will also play a key role in meeting human needs and providing well-being.

In the above mini-review, a framework for the integrated missions of a Botanical Garden, including scientific research, in/ex-situ conservation, plant resource utilization, and citizen science are catalogued.

Name list of plant Species at Botanical Garden-

# Scientific Name of the species large size Marathi Name
1 Aegle marmelos Bel
2 Albizzia lebbeck Shirish white
3 Alstonia scholaris Satwin
4 Annona reticulata Ramphal
5 Azadirachta indica Kadunimb
6 Bauhinia purpurea Rakt Kanchan
7 Bauhinia tomentosa Yellow Kanchan
8 Bauhinia variegata Kanchan
9 Bombax ceiba Kate Sawar
10 Cassia fistula Bahawa
11 Dalbergia sissoo Shishu
12 Delonix regia Gulmohar
13 Ficus bengalensis Wad
14 Ficus religiosa Pimpal
15 Lagerstromia reginea Tamhan
16 Madhuka longifolia Mohu
17 Peltophorum pterocarpum Kashid
18 Phyllanthus emblica/ Emblica officinalis Aawla
19 Pongamia pinnata Karanj
20 Pterocarpus santalinus Rakt chandan
21 Santalum album Chandan
22 Saraca indica Sita Ashok
23 Sterculia foetida Jungli Badam
24 Syzygium cumini Jambhul
25 Tamarindus indica Chinch
26 Tectona grandis Saag
27 Terminalia arjuna Arjun
28 Zizyphus mauritiana Bor
29 Arthocarpus hetrophlanthus Jackfruit
30 Michella Champaka Chapha
31 Tabebia Rosea Tabebia
32 Hurroya paniculata -
33 Saraca Indica Sita ashok
34 Staraculata Foiteda -
35 Thesperia populnea -
36 Cocos nucifera Coconut
37 Citrus × sinensis Santri
38 Psidium Guajava Peru
39 Citrus Limon Limbu
40 Anacardium Occidentale Kaju
41 Annona Squamosa Sitaphal
42 Ficus Carica Anjir
43 Manilkara Zapota Chickoo
44 Artocarpus Heterophyllus Phanas
45 Punica Granatum Dalimb
46 Limonia Acidissima Kawath
47 Cycas Revoluta Cycus
48 Mimusops Elengi Bakul
49 Bambusa Balcooa Green Bamboo
50 Bambusa Vulgaris Yellow bamboo
51 Bambusa Multiplex Multiflex Bamboo Green
52 Bambusa Multiplex. Gold Multiflex Bamboo Gold
53 Bambusa Ventricosa Bhudhha Bamboo
54 Milingtonia Hartenesis Indian Cork Tree
55 Citrus Limetta Sweet Orange
56 Syzygium Samarangense Water Apple
57 Annona Muricata Lakshaman Phal
58 Jacaranda Mimosifolia Nilmohar
59 Couroupita Guianensis Canan Ball Tree
60 Bigonia Megapotica -
61 Araucaria Columnaris Christmas Tree

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