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Dr. P A Inamdar's social excellence award
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NewsleTERRE, Issue 08
August 2022

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TERRE felicitated Awardee of Prakashache Bet (10th edition)

“The generous personality like Mr. Raghunath Dhole, should be the real icons for the youth!” exclaimed Dr. Vinita Apte - Founder Director of TERRE, while felicitating Mr. Dhole as an awardee for 10th edition of Prakashache Bet. “It is an auspicious opportunity to felicitate such personalities under TERRE’s name. Raghunath Dhole, the name is very famous in Maharashtra as ‘the person who allocates free saplings of indigenous species’. "Mr.Dhole is the best ‘Go-to’ person for those who are willing to gain the Nursery Knowledge,” she added.

Mr.UdayGujar (Chartered Accountant) was also presented for this event. “Prakashache Bet is a wonderful initiative by TERRE Policy Centre for glorifying the personalities working on the grass root level,” he complemented.

Mr. Dhole runs an open Nursery at Theur, where he gives indigenous saplings at no cost to spread awareness and by which people will make extra effort for planting more trees. “Making the sapling is not as difficult task as growing that tree is! Out of 100 %, the donor of sapling performs only 1% of the duty, the remaining 99% contribution is of the receiver’s. That is why I do not accept any sum for giving the sapling!” explained Mr. Dhole. He also thanked TERRE for nominating him as the awardee and praised all their activities by TERRE.

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