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World Environment Day 2021

On the Occasion of World Environment Day 2021, TERRE Policy Centre organized webinar to celebrate worldwide under the theme of “Ecosystem Restoration”. Organizers invited Dr. Pankaj Koparde (Researcher & Professor MIT-WPU), Ms. Shadi Jhan Bin (Legal Technical Advisor Family Health International, USA) & Mr.Sunil Shastri (Director, Ocean Governance limited) as chief speaker of the day. For the easy and understandable importance of environment & its protection these guests were best suited.

Dr.Koparde said, Earth's ecosystems have been threatened by human misconceptions as it moves towards development. Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment and everyone on earth must contribute to it.

Nature is being harmed by the idea of ​​human evolution. We have to face such a mysterious crisis. This crisis is a warning given to us by nature. We must now awaken and preserve nature, strong description given by the Dr. Vinita Apte (Founder Director, TERRE Policy Centre)

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