Completed Projects


Earth Care Awards 2014

To highlight activities emanating from different sectors in response to the call for local level action to support climate change mitigation and adaptation.

A good start to 'Energy Efficient Campus' project

College campuses are the crucibles in which precious metals called 'youth' are molded. Injecting the best practices of making the campuses energy efficient is like adding the knowledge-value to such molds.

Kaas World Natural Heritage site: Report Card

The State of Maharashtra, India hosts a niche-treasure of biodiversity in its Western Ghats called the ‘Kaas - Plateau of Flowers’. Geographically located at 17º42’ - 17º45’ N and 73º47’ - 73º56’E in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Kaas is a lateritic plateau at the height of 1200 meter above mean sea level.

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