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Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
TERRE Policy Centre conducted a workshop on environmental awareness among children through entertainment at Kalaghoda Festival.


Women Journalist Corner

Think Tank Activity – Organized by TERRE Policy Centre on Women’s day

Think Tank Activity – Organized by TERRE Policy Centre on Women’s day On Women’s day (7th March 2017), TERRE Policy Centre organized ‘Think Tank Activity’. The objective was to assemble the women journalists of Pune to develop a dialogue towards environmental issue and environmental literacy. The program was started by TERRE’s anthem called as ‘Vasundhara’ geet, followed by a short video clip of greetings. Dr. Vinitaa Apte in her speech gave a brief introduction on the various ongoing projects of TERRE. She strongly brought her concern of taking the local environmental issues on an international platform, and making this sector of journalism the top end priority. The main part of the discussion was based on why does environmental journalism need a broader spectrum, and in what way can people be made aware to make city clean and green.

Jayashree Bokil from Dainik Bhaskar has been involved in environment journalism for last 17 years. What influenced her to this field was the BBC workshop that she attended, and exposed her to the devastating environmental scenario.

Meenakshi Gurav from Sakal expressed the dissatisfaction that environment issues are still given less priority to be published on newspapers, inspite of its growing evident need.

Chaitrali Chandorkar from Maharashtra Times based on her experience shared that comparatively environmental awareness has reached a lot nowadays, but the investment to implement the necessary actions at an individual and policy level is still lacking. Also, there has been a gap between development and environment department that stays as a loop hole in journalism.

Kaumudi Kashikar from Sakal Times is an active journalist, contributing her best efforts to make sure that issues relating environment are exposed at an effective level.

Chaitrali Deshmukh from Mid-day newspaper is a brave and outstanding female crime journalist. Her background in legal research and dedication towards deteriorating environment encourages her to contribute in environmental crime journalism as well.

Additionally, all the respected journalists highlighted that school education needs to literally work in changing the mentality and behavioral patterns. Environment should not only be taught as one of the subjects, but the must be taught religiously to bring a driving difference in their conscience.

The following conclusions and suggestions were drawn from the discussion:

  • A ‘Women Journalists Column’ will be added on TERRE website. This column will consist of the posts related to environmental issues, that do not get published on papers due to certain limitations. We want to make sure that environmental issues get as much as coverage as it requires, to reach the large sectors of population.
  • On Earth day (22 April, 2017), TERRE plans to organize an event or an activity with media to make an effective outreach and bring a strong message for others to practice. Some of the ideas are; No horn day, Bus day (to promote public transport) and many more.