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Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
Waseda University Meets TERRE Policy Centre
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
The 5th edition of 'Prakashache Bet'
First ever Tri party agreement
TERRE Policy Centre conducted a workshop on environmental awareness among children through entertainment at Kalaghoda Festival.


Press Release

TERRE meets Infosys.....
They join hands together for environmental Awareness!!!

Infosys, second largest IT Company in India Pune, Thursday 7th March 2013: TERRE Policy Centre was invited by the voluntary group of employees of the Sustainability Unit of Infosys, the second largest IT Company in India to discuss the most pressing environmental issues and the actions needed to address them.

The interaction was initiated by Peter Winsley and Shridhar Karandikar from the Sustainability Unit and Vinita Apte of TERRE Policy Centre.

Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE made a brief presentation giving overview of urgent issues that needs the attention and action. He then presented what TERRE has been doing over last two years to address those key issues particularly related to Energy and Food Secuirty. ‘The mantra of TERRE is -to think is good but to act is better’, said Mr. Shende.

Infosys employees engaged in intense questions and answers session with Mr. Shende and expressed keen desire to work in partnership with TERRE on ‘out-of-box’ program that would utilize the passion and expertise of Infosys volunteers. Infosys gave presentation on the interesting mapping exercise that they are engaged in recording the status of a river in Pune.

Number of ideas were discussed in the city’s waste management, reducing the GHGs due to traffic of the buses used for IT employees, efficient campuses etc.

The meeting ended with agreement to work to draw the priority partnership programs to bring out the results in time targeted way.