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August 2022

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Rendezvous with Mr. Anil Khaire - Urban Wildlife

Cacophonous and overpopulated cities are houses for more than just humans", this is how Anil Khaire, Animal Specialist opened the whole new aspect of our urban neighborhood and housemates on 10th of April during the Rendezvous arranged by TERRE Policy Centre at Indradhanushya Paryavaran Kendra, Pune.

Wild anecdotes of around 8 species of nonvenomous snakes and 10 venomous among other fearsome reptiles were the highlights of Mr. Khaire’s presentation. These reptiles have been in our neighborhoods for long but they aren’t necessarily harmful unless human activities knowingly or unknowingly disturb their freedom. Use of simple tools and logic can help us maintain peace in their company. Adroit use of snake tongs, venom extractor and calling snake experts or sarpa mitra for help are some of the ways to make peace with them.

Apart from reptiles, there are birds and animals in our vicinity. Easy acts like keeping small water reservoirs and food supplies can attract many interesting and even rare birds. But others need expert care. In case of encounter with owls, bats and a few other uncommon species, ideal behavior by human is to contact officials involved in such activities of animal/bird, particularly in their rescue and adoption.

Erratic animal behaviors like entry of leopards, monkeys and other huge animals is mainly due to human encroachment in their area. Mr. Khaire gave a small account of his experience with leopard to explain how tough the situation can get if humans don’t act properly under such circumstances.

Q and A: People are very curious about animal behavior because of two main reasons: incognizance and fear. Mr. Khaire’s presentation answered both issues to a great extent. Audience asked how can they assist and play a role in animal rescue and adopt to friendly behavior. Mr. Khaire responded in detail and also suggested that TERRE Policy Centre organize a workshop that can train people to behave ideally in case of animal encounter.

Event concluded with realization that- Nature is full of diversity and human can adopt to the nature’s pace by observing and learning. It was another successful session of Rendezvous ended with the message of living in harmony with the nature.

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