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Issue 04 l April 2020
Director's Corner
"In the past few months, a tiny earth-borne virus has spread into the air and almost distracted day to day life of the world. No matter how far the science goes, there is always a force somewhere it controls everything .  Be safe to taste the good things of this world, stay home, be fit and evacuate that micro-organism from our life ."
- Dr. Vinitaa Apte
Founder Director, TERRE

 Common Name:
Scientific name:
Bauhinia racemosa
Bauhinia racemosa
, commonly known as the Bidi leaf tree is a rare medicinal species of flowering shrub with religious significance. It is a small crooked tree with drooping branches that grows 3–5 metres (10–16 ft) tall and flowers between February and May. It is native to tropical Southeast Asia.
Religious Significance
In Maharashtrian families it is customary to exchange leaves of the Aapta tree on the Hindu  festive day of Dussehra. An act known as exchanging Gold pointing to the special significance of the plant on that particular day. This is also why the tree is often referred to as Sonpatta (literal translation: leaves of gold).
The leaves are used in the production of beedi, a thin Indian cigarette
Issue 04 l April 2020
Birthday Celebration with an adopted tree at Smritivan, Warje
(14th March, 2020)

Mushrif family who adopted Chafa tree in Smritivan, Warje on the name of Late Vijayshree (Usha) Mushrif celebrated her birthday with adopted tree.
Challenge Accepted for Better Future 
Chenab River, Jammu
P.C. Adwait Patil
"With the onset of this global crisis which has created a lot of panic and huge misconceptions about the COVID-19, we are also one of the carriers (not physically) but psychologically playing on the mind of people around us.

Ofcourse this is a great responsibility for each and everyone of us to protect and take precautions for our own safety however the mass mistake is the social media sites, apps and the memes or jokes or even the fake information and its rapid spread is more scary. Hence I believe that one must avoid spreading the forward pictures or even some information which could mislead people into wrong ways to tackle this state. I am at Reasi - Jammu and in a comparatively safe area that thankfully is not affected by this virus till date. We in this Army Cantonment are taking few important steps to eliminate even the possibility of being attacked by this virus as the Men in our area have to fight against two odds one is COVID-19 and other is to keep with the country’s peace at the border. Army men move out each day according to their duties as well as few of them travel daily to various places. Now as the lockdown has started the area is sealed and no outsiders are crossing the gates and the those on holidays are forced to extend their leaves for their own good. We have set up central alarms which rings every two hours at which everyone needs to drink hot water and wash their hands. As we are at border areas we do not have a kitchen here so a central mess cooks the food for all the families and provide us tiffin at our doorsteps. As the weather here is extreme and also very windy all throughout the day we have to stay inside the temporary accommodations to prevent ourselves from other flu symptoms or illness and it is working best for us.
We as human beings are never satisfied on any conditions which we face, if we are working then we need a break from our busy schedules and if we have got this opportunity to stay with our families and be at home now we are cribbing over all the lockdown and A lot of time to spend at home. I feel we have got a good chance to stay with our loved ones to enjoy home food to live in a primitive way like we did when there were no mobile phones or technology or even huge malls and still we were happy that time, the same way we have got this chance to save our mother Earth by not using our vehicles not adding to pollution of any kind to eat only home-cooked food and no junk and also more than that to be with one another strongly with a positive attitude to change this hard times soon. The Government should keep one day every month lockdown in future where in we all give a small break to ourselves as well as to our environment by cutting down the vehicle rush,
closing the public sightseeing areas or famous religious places to keep the sanity of that place and it’s beauty alive. Lets be responsible and positive about this phase and soon shall it pass and we can get back to our daily routine."
...............Mrunmayee Apte 
Issue 04 l April 2020
Air Travel During COVID-19
"Corona or COVID-19 is something which is the only talkative point nowadays. Everyone knows about it and it's life-threatening consequences.

So I am writing this with a very scary heart as just flew from home place India to workplace UK with my 15 months old child. And the reason for doing so in such a panic situation is obviously unavoidable. I took flight from Nagpur to London Heathrow via Doha. Nagpur airports scene was showing that people are trying to save themselves and others from infection of COVID-19. All the airport authority was with a face mask and were maintaining good distance with others. Whereas at Doha airport it was normal only a few people were with face mask and sanitizer in hand. On the other hand, at London Heathrow airport it was absolutely normal as if nothing going around. But the whole journey was scary as you can't identify who is infected and whose not. Although I maintained good distance and hygiene, with a small child travelling in this horrible situation is not easy. I am still in fear and it might continue for next some days.

The approach of India and UK of dealing with COVID-19 are just like two opposite poles. India shuts all its international borders, UK didn't. Even India shuts all its local borders UK is not believing in doing so. India is going through complete lockdown to stop the spike of positive COVID-19 cases. UK also imposed lockdown however it's not enforcing people to follow it. India suspended all it's International and domestic flights whereas UK didn't, even flight from china who is the origin point of COVID-19 are coming here in UK.
I can understand that Different countries may exercise different strategies to deal with COVID-19. But these two countries approach is drastically different. India's strategy is controlling COVID-19 at any cost to save its people. Whereas according to UK you can't control it for long, even if you keep everyone in lockdown it will minimise and once you open everything it will spread again. India is buying window time so that by that time it will be great if there is some medicine invented plus lockdown is a great move to cope up with limited medical resources. Whereas UK identified vulnerable people and encouraged other people to join the national health services to help the vulnerable and active cases of the country.
Only time can prove whose approach was correct to deal with this pandemic. However for the first time, all Indians who are staying away are feeling India is the
safest place to live in. So please act responsibly and stay at home unless the reason for going out is unavoidable. 

...................Rupali Lakhotiya 
Software Engineer 
Stay Home & Stay Positive
"It’s been 4 years I am in London, being a software engineer COVID-19 has not made a big difference in working life as work from home is another option. But it’s more difficult when you have 9 month’s kid at your home , buying Indian groceries has become more difficult as there aren’t too many options to buy and most of Asian stores have been closed or running out of stock. There is a huge demand of Indian flour (Pillsbury etc) where price has gone up by twice and thrice or even more. Buying online is another option but there are very limited options or no slots available for delivery from major supermarket stores.You are allowed to go out once
a day for exercise, but you don’t want to take a risk as the positive headcount in London itself is 5000+. Most of folks have cancelled their planned holidays as they don’t know how long it will take to get back to normal life. I think the best thing to do now is “stay home and stay positive”
..........Mahesh Suryawanshi 
Software Engineer 
Issue 04 l April 2020
Teachers Olympiad
(13th Edition - March 2020)
TERRE conducted its 13th edition of Teachers Olympiad, which is an online competition scheduled every month. TERRE Policy Centre in collaboration with Earth Day Network launched this Olympiad to encourage the teachers to spread awareness about environmental issues among students.   
Winner of Teachers Olympiad - March, 2020
Mrs. Yamuna Bai   
Faculty at Government Primary School Nagle, Nirbhan Bayana, Rajasthan

Interested teachers can register anytime for the Olympiad using the link given below:
For any queries regarding the above competition, feel free to contact us : 
Email ID:
Contact: 020-25448650
Issue 04 l April 2020
Young Research Fellowship
TERRE has declared national level 'Young Research Fellowship' in the reverential memory of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam had high expectations from the youth of India and keeping this in context, TERRE has announced this noble award on the occasion of Late Dr. Kalam’s birth anniversary - 15 October 2019.

Fellowship details: Young researchers who have worked or are working in the themes (as mentioned above) will be considered and upto 50 participants will be shortlisted for the fellowship. Innovative & unique idea will be awarded with INR 10,000 along with a Citation, Scroll and Medallion.

Fellowship will be awarded on remembrance day of Dr. Kalam i.e. 27th July 2020. Scrutinising committee headed Mr. Ashok Mangotra an Ex Chartered Officer and close acquaintance Late of Dr. Kalam.

Update on it: The last date for submission of application is closed now. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Young Research Fellowship has received a huge response from all over the India. The applicant will be shortlisted through an expert panel. Shortlisted applicants for the fellowship will be informed by emails from TERRE Policy Centre. We will update further information soon.

Follow the link for more information:
Issue 04 l April 2020
Indian pangolin
The Indian pangolin (Manis crassicaudata), also called thick-tailed pangolin and scaly anteater is a pangolin native to the Indian subcontinent.
Like other pangolins, it has large, overlapping scales on its body which act as armour. It can also curl itself into a ball as self-defence against predators such as the tiger. The colour of its scales varies depending on the colour of the earth in its surroundings. It is an insectivore, feeding on ants and termites, digging them out of mounds and logs using its long claws, which are as long as its fore limbs. It is nocturnal and rests in deep burrows during the day.
It is not common anywhere in its range, and is threatened by hunting for its meat and for various body parts used in traditional medicine.....Read More

"By Recycling 1 ton of paper,
we can save 17 full-grown trees"
Issue 04 l April 2020
Role of Youth to fight the Global Pandemic of Coronavirus
The COVID-19 coronavirus has forced entire countries into lockdown mode, terrified citizens around the world, and triggered a financial-market meltdown. The pandemic demands a forceful, immediate response. 

The number of deaths around the world from the novel coronavirus cases stood at 18,500, according to a tally compiled by WHO on Thursday from official sources.

More than 4,16,00 declared cases have been registered in 197 countries and territories since the epidemic first emerged in China in December.

What effective measure as a youth we can take to fight this Pandemic?
•    Maintain social distancing

Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
•    Practice respiratory hygiene
Make sure you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.
•    Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider
Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Follow advice given by your healthcare provider, your national and local public health authority or your employer on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.
•    If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority.
•    Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.
•    Wash your hands frequently
Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
Please do follow the provided link to keep yourself updated with daily situation report on COVID-19 by WHO:
 - Sourav Dutta
Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
My Relationship With TERRE (The Earth)
Vijaykumar Nathrao Mushrif to TERRE team on tree adoption at Smritivan Warje
"When I heard about such idea of adopting tree on the name of person I felt very good about it. I lost my wife in the month of January 2020 that time I decided to adopt tree on her name my Daughter also supported me in this idea. After all procedures of my wife, we adopt a tree and do asthi visarjan at the root of tree. Volunteers of TERRE are very cooperative they guided us to perfect tree which we want. They gave all required information about tree adoption and guided us to all procedure for adoption.
On 14th March 2020, me and my daughter’s family celebrate the birthday of my wife Late Vijayshree (Usha) Mushrif with an adopted tree. We are very thankful to TERRE Policy Centre for doing such a great thing. Me and my family will encourage our relatives and friends for participating in such great initiative taken by TERRE Policy Centre."
..........Vijaykumar Nathrao Mushrif 
Issue 04 l April 2020

'Looks like Spread of Coronavirus at international level will effect the economy and business around the world too.!!'

Courtesy: Dhanraj Garad

Kenya had three rare all-white giraffes. Two of them have been killed. Wildlife officials announced in a statement Tuesday that a female and her seven-month-old were found “in a skeletal state after being killed by armed poachers” in a nature conservancy in Ijara, northeastern Kenya, likely four months ago. A third white giraffe, the young male offspring of the dead female, is believed still to be alive.
Read more: 

From which city of the globe, the first corona positive case arises?

A) Wuhan 
B) Beijing
C) New York
D) Shanghai
If you know the answer, send us at

Answer for last month's question:

D) Mizoram

Winner of the last month's question: 

Ankit Katchwah

Issue 04 l April 2020
Issue 04 l April 2020
 Trendy Social Media Glimpses during the tough time of COVID-19 Coronavirus for the well being of human
As the whole world is going through with a tough situation due to COVID19 Coronavirus, and during this period too people are keeping them entertained with Social media updates which are obviously for the well being of Human's
Below are some Trendy glimpses of Social Media which nowadays keeping people Update, Entertain and Aware when they are at home Quarantine situation
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