Collaborate with us

Any non-governmental organization, intergovernmental organization or initiative, international organization (and its subsidiaries), private sector entities or civil society association interested in becoming to collaborate with TERRE Policy Centre should send an proposal letter via email or post to the Dr. Vinita Apte (Founder, Director, TERRE) with a copy to In addition to any other information the interested party wishes to provide, the letter should :

  • State previous work and / or contribution to the field of sustainability in governments, industries, communities or specific groups
  • Identify particular areas of interest related to sustainable development and any specific actions taken or planned to address near term development issues
  • Identify the type of contributions of financial or other resources and means of their utilization
  • Identify a primary point of contact, with name, title, contact number and email address for communications

Mail to

Dr. Vinita Apte (Founder, Director, TERRE) with a copy to