TERRE Five Unique Aspects of

1. Technology

Technology cooperation and transfer are the key to appropriate transformation towards a sustainable life style. We promote eight strands of activity which we believe are key to this transformation: Energy efficiency improvement, energy from waste, renewable energy, crop protection, land and water restoration, safe disposal of wastes and community empowerment. TERRE links with national, regional and global resources, institutions and experts to assess needs and deliver specific support with the aim of supporting remediation and restoration objectives through appropriate technologies and policies.

2. Education

Education is a means of capacity building to promote appropriate actions. Knowledge and Information on preventive and remedial measures are the key tools by which civil society can promote action in a timely manner. As information is fundamental to action, TERRE enables the use of information through knowledge management.

3. Research

TERRE’s primary activity is research on good practice governance and policies, often that have been followed for centuries by some communities and governments. TERRE engages the experts around the world to sift out the traditional as well as cutting edge thoughts and actions that promote development without degrading the environment.

4. Rehabilitation

60% of the world’s natural resources are already degraded and many have reached points of no return. Rehabilitation solutions are required which are adapted to our changed world. TERRE provides information and technical support to existing initiatives without duplicating the effort of others. TERRE seeks to leverage existing remediation and restoration technologies where possible.

5. Environment

The Environment of our only home – Earth –is at the core of TERRE’s unique efforts. The most important strength of TERRE is its work based on reality checks and pragmatic approaches proven through piloting and demonstrations. TERRE believes that environmental protection and development must go hand in hand.