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Latest report on the Kaas Plateau

TERRE Policy Centre has released latest report on the Kaas Plateau giving recomm…

TERRE Policy Centre

Art of Living : FengShui Way

On the 16th of October, 2015 TERRE Policy Centre along with the Forest Departmen…

Authored by Master Véronique Lours and Céline Speranza

Municipal Solid Waste Management Challenges in Transforming Waste into Potential Resource for the Sustainable Society

Human Development Index should have Solid Waste Management as one of the critica…


Mobilise co-financing ozone protection and climate change

Past actions during last 20 years under the Montreal Protocol had dramatically p…


OzonAction Social Media Strategy

“To use social media tools to empower and engage the global ozone community to e…


Mobile Air Conditioning and Room Air Conditioning Strategy to Reduce Climate Forcing from Hydrofluorocarbons

The authors of this strategy, are grateful for the peer review comments by Elvis…

by Stephen O. Andersen, Durwood Zaelke, Danielle Fest Grabiel

UNEP Media Strategy

UNEP OzonAction Communication Strategy for the Global Compliance with the Montre…


Environment is victim in Armed Conflicts

However, peace law comprises international environmental norms, which are the on…

by Charlotte Collin, Environmental Law

Ecocide: A crime against the environment under international law?

In our last TERRE policy paper entitled “Environment is Victim in Armed conflict…

by Charlotte Collin, Researcher: Environmental Law

Right to ‘Green Cost’ can Ensue Common’s Participation in Sustainable Development

There has been a perceptible transformation in regard to global environmental di…

by Dr. Dipayan Dey, Chair-SAFE

Corporate Social Responsibility and Creative Government in India

India’s 2011 Companies Bill has just been passed. It heralds a new era in Corpor…

by Simon Hodgkinson

Exploration and Exploitation of the Seabed: a Drop in the Ocean?

8 June is designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day”. The oceans are…

by Marie Bertrand, Sorbonne University, Paris
Director Message

How everything is changing. Climate change is affecting not only the lives of humans but also the lives of animals and birds. The solution is in our hands. Let's make a little change in our daily lifestyle. Let's cut some of the nasty arguments. Let's avoid overdoing it all while adapting to a changing climate. Let's give life to the earth.

Dr. Vinita Apte
Founder Director, TERRE
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Issue 2
February 2024
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TERRE @ Regiioal Forum, Srilanka
Srilank, February 2024

Being as a Project Partner TERRE Policy Centre team was invited at Nagenahiru Centre for Environment Education at Godahena, Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka for Regional Forum form 4th Feb to 9th Feb 2024.

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