TERRE Initiatives


TERRE’s primary activity is research on good practice governance and policies, often that have been followed for centuries by some communities and governments. TERRE engages the experts around the world to sift out the traditional as well as cutting edge thoughts and actions that promote development without degrading the environment.

Awards for Excellence

Awards for an Initiative towards creating an Innovative model for Community led Conservation and Sustainable Management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. The initiative urges to facilitate further action through a mass eco-consciousness movement by engaging the people of the country. TERRE is responsible for short listing, field evaluation, ranking, documentation and final presentation to the Jury for selection of Awardees.

Waste Management

Waste management are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process. TERRE Policy Centre is implementing such waste management practices in collaboration with international organization like CCAC, Local government or municipal cooperation’s and Private sectors to achieve the target of clean and healthy environment. TERRE also provides the consultancy services for such waste management activities like, Waste Assessment, Auditing, Waste management equipment like biogas plants and setups and experts.

International Platform

‘Think Global Act local’ one of the moto’s of TERRE, where we aim to achieve the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) through our rural initiatives and represent TERRE at different international platforms to collaborate with international organizations which enable us to adopt their sustainable initiatives and promotes our successful outcomes.


Establishing the protected area in degraded land due to industrial impacts and human interference. Afforestation which covers major stake of TERRE activities and comes under TERRE’s flagship project where we aim to restore and conserve the biodiversity by tree plantation with 12 to 15 feet height and conserving the area till making it self-sustain. Till now TERRE has converted 4 waste barren forest land in to green forest under its CSR activities, where two Tri-Party agreement has been done in collaboration with Forest Department, Private Sector and TERRE. These initiatives also involve the local community where number of local people has been provided livelihood opportunities and it also covers REDD+.


Education is the best tool to prepare current generation to sustain the environment for upcoming generation. Through its Environment Education programs TERRE is on a way to achieve the sustainable development Goals. Under the collaboration with private sector under their CSR activities TERRE runs many environment education programs such as TERRE Olympiad (National level online quiz competition), Environment Education Training programs for school children’s, Teachers training programs etc.

Watershed Development

Water which is a compulsory element on earth to survive and presently the whole world is facing the water scarcity issues. In Maharashtra region numbers of villages are there, which are unable to receive enough water for their daily needs with this some of the areas are not able to get portable water for drinking purpose. And due to the poor economic condition villagers can’t afford to pay for water tankers hence understanding our responsibility for the society and surrounding environment TERRE has started an initiative with the support of CSR funding organization by providing a permanent solution by designing water harvesting system, constructing well, hand pumps, bore well or watershed development for farmers of that area to have a resource of water for their daily needs.

Light for brilliance

A project dedicated to maximum utilization of renewable or alternative sources of energy to light up lives of millions of families for whom darkness is an everyday reality. TERRE Policy Centre has embarked on a mission to distribute solar lamps of 0.5Watts to 3 Watts in rural areas of the country where electricity is scarce. TERRE donate such kind of Solar lamps amongst school children’s, local community and residentials and army borders.

Awareness Campaign

TERRE is always involved in various other awareness activities like waste management, training programs, nature trails, river walks, International conferences, Side Events, Environment Film festivals, Youth Conclave, drawing competition, best out of Waste, Rendezvous, Panel discussion at international level, Learning exchange program, etc.