Success story of 'Million Tree Plantation Programme

A million-tree plantation programme was completed in Dolvi and Karav site by TERRE Policy Centre in collaboration with JSW Steel Ltd and Maharashtra Forest Dept. Around 35,855 tree plantations was completed in the month of June and July 2019.

Despite the challenges due to heavy rainfall and sudden climate change with difficult terrain, TERRE Policy Centre completed the plantation process within the estimated timeline. It has been a successful agreement between TERRE Policy Centre, JSW Steel Ltd. Dolvi, and Maharashtra Forest department, but the major milestone were achieved by the real heroes i.e. ‘Local Communities’. Their hard work has no doubt been the most important for the successful million tree plantation. In high mountain ranges, the local communities used to carry the plants of 10 to 15 feet height with bag size of 18*18. This was indeed a strenuous task for them in difficult climatic conditions, such as scorching heat and monsoon with an average rainfall of 2345mm.

TERRE Policy Centre has planted 29,200 plants in Dolvi and 6635 plants in Karav site near Tal-Pen, Dist-Raigad, MH which includes 25 different indigenous species.

Director Message

Here is the month of June and the onset of the rain god.
The trees and plants will bloom with rain showers.
However, we see depletion of groundwater storage. The heavy development around us like the cement roads, tiles and construction activities does not help water to percolate in the ground.
We desperately need to plan the storage of water in the ground with help of tanks and seepage.
This will increase the level of groundwater reserves. The rivers, wells and small water reservoirs will have adequate supply.
Harvest water! Conserve life on Earth!

Dr. Vinita Apte
Founder Director, TERRE
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