TERRE Envirothon 2024

TERRE Policy Centre organized an event “ENVIROTHON 2024” to promote environment protection and sensitize people of all age groups. Worldwide 5th June is celebrated as “World Environment Day”, on this occasion the organizing team pledged commitment to protect environment.

Considering the theme “Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience”, Envirothon focuses on the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature. Envirothon was just not a run but a cause with a serious commitment to protect our environment. This run is a realization of our personal responsibility to save ecology and biodiversity around us. It was a platform for all generations to understand that small actions can contribute to larger cause.

This year was the second season of the TERRE Envirothon and we got participation more than 500+ Individuals and 6+ corporates from different sectors across India.