Anil Arora
TERRE Advisor

Handled the GEF-UNDP Small Grants Program for 18 years -12 years while employed with UNDP.On retirement, handled the direct implementation of SGP OP5 program for 6 years on behalf of Centre for Environment Education, SGP’s National Host Institution, in the capacity of Senior Project Coordinator.

Understood the UNDP’s global perspective on SGP program and familiarized with the innovative operational SGP programs in other parts of the world by participating in the SGP Global Workshops held at Costa Rica, Merida (Mexico), Bangkok and Agra.

SGP being a pan-India program, Anil Arora was provided opportunities to reach out to communities to guide them across the length and breadth of the country, at the grassroots level, to share his knowledge and many years of experience with them.

Handled a strong portfolio of all the GEF SGP thematic areas and familiar with all the 434 SGP projects that have been implemented in all parts of the country during his association with SGP and he maintains a strong rapport with the SGP partners in India and the neighbouring countries.

Handled the submission of more than 20 qualitative Annual Project Implementation Reportsto the GEF Assembly on an annual basis, of the SGP program and also the other GEF FSP projects that I handled. Provided Results Based Management reports with measurable impacts compared to each target listed in the project documents for clear projections of the overall impacts of each of the program on the ground.

Familiar with the SGP’s quarterly reporting to UNDP-Bangkok and the New Delhi Office, including accessing of funds under the HACT platform.